Technical services

Comprehensive implementation of projects for our Customers obliges us to provide complete solutions and services in the fields of industrial electrical engineering, mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics.

Feel free to contact our technical department for service inquiry.

Industrial installations

Installation of industrial electrical systems in the following areas:

  • laying of insulated wires
  • laying cables
  • laying rail conductors
  • mounting ladders and trays.


Relocation of machines

Changes in the location of equipment within the plant, supply and installation of equipment from outside suppliers, relocation of production lines and entire plants. We also carry out equipment relocation from abroad.

Machine diagnostics

Alignment of machines and machine sets is carried out using the OPTALIGN smart  laser measuring system by Pruftechnik company.

It is used for alignment measurements of rotating machinery such as pumps, motors, gearboxes and compressors.


We offer:

  • alignment of horizontal machines,
  • alignment of vertical machines,
  • alignment of machines with connected and disconnected shafts
  • soft foot measurement.

Alignment is carried out regardless of the limited ability to rotate the shaft (you only need 60 °), including thermal expansion and set centering, with a choice of any of the static feet of the machine, with a choice of coupling with a short and indirect shaft, depending on the needs we use solutions based on one or two lasers, for shafts both in roller bearings and sliding bearings.


Vibration measurements of machines are carried out using the VIBSCANNER device by Pruftechnik company.

This device enables measurement of the state of machines, processing the results and diagnosis. It also allows to perform spectral analysis of vibration signal in the form of spectra of velocity and acceleration of vibration and spectral analysis of the envelope.


Vibration measurements which are registered are compared with the limit values compatible with the PN-ISO-10816-3 or PN-ISO-10816-7 thus determining the overall vibration condition of the machine.

We measure the overall vibration condition of machinery and equipment such as electric motors, gearboxes, compressors, turbines, pumps, etc. by measuring the displacement, velocity and acceleration of vibrations.

Based on the measurements taken we define the cause of the vibrations in relation to a particular machine or bearing, if its parameters are known. Based on the analysis of the spectrum we can identify the specific cause of the vibrations of the machine, e.g.:

  • damage to the rolling element of the bearing,
  • excessive play and the instability of the oil film in the sliding bearing
  • unbalance of rotating components,
  • alignment errors,
  • incorrect foundation,
  • MRI of the machine
  • pulsations of the working medium, turbulence,
  • friction of the working elements of the machine,
  • stator or rotor damage in electric motor asymmetry of the range.


Modernization of machines and equipment

Modernization of machinery, equipment and complete production lines, leading to increased security, productivity, ergonomics of use and ease of maintenance.

The need for modernization of the device may result from the internal initiative of the Customer, orders of supervisory services and is often signaled by employees of Qtech within constant cooperation or advisory services.

Steel structures

Comprehensive services including design, manufacturing and installation of a wide range of steel structures.

We specialize in steel structures in many areas, from auxiliary design solutions and OSH recommendations on the process lines to large freestanding spatial structures.

LV switchgears

Design, construction and installation of electrical switchgear for power distribution and control of actuating devices.

Our designers carry out even the most complex projects of automation equipment and production lines. Based on the orders we execute and for individual orders, we design and build electrical switchgear up to 1600A and main building switchboards, cable connectors and meter boards.

Electrical measurements

The protective measurements of electrical equipment and systems we perform using meters produced by Sonel, and each measurement is recorded through a measurement report. All meters have current calibration certificates issued by the Research-Calibration Laboratory of Sonel SA 


We carry out technical condition inspection of electrical equipment and systems in the area of:

  • checking the status of primary electric shock protection
  • checking additional shock protection used (protection at failure)
  • validation of correctness and continuity of protective conductors and their connections
  • insulation resistance measurement wiring and appliances circuits
  • continuity measurement
  • checking the condition of electric circuit self-breaking
  • lightning system measurement
  • examination of the fire protection systems with RCDs

We also perform measurements of the intensity of the primary and emergency lighting. Measurements are ended with the issuance of protocol of measurements of light intensity according to PN-EN 1838:2005.