About us

Many years of experience and expertise allow us to be one of the best tech companies on the market. We encourage you to read further about our company.


QSP provides services in the field of technical maintenance, installation works and technical consulting since the year 2000. Initially, customers were mainly producers of ready mixed concrete. In early 2006,  QSP changed its legal form to limited liability company and began cooperation with ASI Polska (Prochem S.A. Group) in the field of maintenance. With the change of its legal form, the area of business activity has been expanded and it now includes services for furniture industry, food industry and the automotive industry which resulted in long-term technical maintenance contracts.


Relocation to Gdansk, which took place in May 2007, led to the company having additional office space but also about 400 sq.mt. of production space. This has significantly improved logistics processes.

Since the very beginning,  QSP is gradually increasing employment and takes good care of its employees. Currently, the company has more than 60 employees with the implementation staff including many experienced engineers and technicians. Employees are trained within the company and by outside companies. They have a wide range of required permissions and certificates, including SEP in the operation and supervision in groups I, II and III, UDT, and in welding.


QSP operates according to the principles of the Quality Management System developed in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001. The service area covered by the certification includes engineering services and outsourcing projects in the field of maintenance of machines and industrial infrastructure.


Since 2009 QSP has expanded its business activities to foreign markets. After a successful cooperation with the German Cegelec Contracting GmbH and the Polish Cegelec Sp. z o.o. as a part of “Program 10+” in Lotos S.A. company, Qtech was invited to start cooperation with Cegelec company on regular basis which resulted in the project to build a natural gas refinery in the port of Risavika in Norway (investor – Skangass AS, main contractor – Linde AG). Apart from that, Qtech cooperates with other foreign companies and our company gas been invited as a main subcontractor to many international projects in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and even RSA.


We identify Customers’ needs focusing mainly on the technical and IT infrastructure and we provide complex response to meet those needs. We organize work of our own implementation teams and we also coordinate work of outside teams. QSP is ready to provide services in any location indicated by the Customer.


 QSP business philosophy is to address the areas that customers want to outsource to external companies.

Our goal is to assume responsibility for the efficient functioning of machinery and equipment in your company with minimal involvement of your employees. The range of services is always tailored to the individual needs of each of our Clients. One of our strengths is comprehensive education and experience of our staff. This creates the possibility of a broad and comprehensive look at the issue of maintenance in the field entrusted to us.


We meet needs of our Customers in the areas of design, delivery and maintenance of technical infrastructure, through:

  • understanding Customer’s needs and rising to their expectations
  • individual approach to every Customer and every order
  • ensuring the highest quality of services to Customers while maintaining tight deadlines.
Quality Management Systems

High quality of products and services has been and is a priority from the very beginning of QSP. In order to increase customer confidence in our company, the existing rules of conduct have been adapted to the requirements of ISO 9001. The result of that is the Quality Management System designed and adapted to the specific characteristics and the wide range of business activities of our company.


Quality Policy


Providing services to meet the needs and requirements of our Customers contributes to the development of the company and consolidation of its market position. We hope that Customers satisfied with our cooperation decide to entrust us with a growing range of their business activities and steadily increase the amount of tasks entrusted to us.


We build the quality of our services based on the following principles:

  • We fulfill Customer’s needs quickly and efficiently
  • We approach each Customer and each order individually
  • We provide qualified and competent personnel
  • We care about the safety of Customers’ personnel and their property
  • We identify customer needs taking into account functional, technical and legal requirements
  • We always follow the principle of mutual benefit
  • We meet deadlines and fulfill  commitments
  • We analyze the causes of irregularities and continually improve
  • We select the right suppliers
  • We guarantee the right level of quality at every stage of the service being provided


Systematic work based on the above principles forms the foundations for building trust in QSP and for continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.

QSP Management Board